5 Best Welding Schools in Ohio

Ohio’s not what you’d consider “big” if you compare it to, say, Texas.

But still has a population too big for its land!

And having a way too populated state means there must be a ton of technology all around to make life flow smoothly and easily.

However, who’s going to maintain all of that tech?

The welders, of course!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders in Ohio get to have $43, 610 average wages per year and $20.97 as their hourly rating.

So have a look at these welding schools in Ohio to get yourself a head-start!

Best Welding Schools in Ohio in 2022

Lincoln Electric Education

As one of the most well-known welding schools out there, you can probably imagine how comprehensive Lincoln Electric Education’s welding program is!

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, you get to be trained for professional welding by guaranteed professionals, as well.

Here, you’ll learn the basics of welding, like plate welding, stick pipe welding, and cutting metal using a torch or plasma!

But everything other than that, and you’ll notice how Lincoln Electric mixed in some things else to spice this program up a bit.

So you got the basics down, right? Now, you can level up from that stage by learning all sorts of things only a few average welders would know of.

Hardfacing is one you’ll learn how to do, eventually, along with welding metals you’d consider exotic when they’re neither steel nor aluminum anymore.

Heck, you’ll even touch on advanced submerged arc welding!

And all of these will only take you 15 weeks to learn!

Once you pass Lincoln Electric’s certification exam, not only will you be qualified to receive a certificate expressing your completion as a professional welder, but graduating from Lincoln Electric will reserve you a spot working AT Lincoln Electric, too!

So you won’t need to go hunt for jobs at odd hours anymore!

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

As one of the best welding schools in Ohio – maybe even in the entire COUNTRY – you bet that any welder who comes out of Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is top-notch, right there.

Located in Troy, Ohio, Hobart concentrates on welding, alone.

This is why this welding school will leave you STAGGERING from its 20 different entry-level programs, all for you to choose from!

And in all of these programs, you can expect it’s going to be 85% full of hands-on work while the other percentage you’ll spend your time in a classroom setting to learn about the theoretical and/or technical side of welding.

Hobart even provides its students assistance outside the workshop or classroom when it offers financial aid for those who struggle to get by.

Then, once you graduate and get certified, Hobart assists its graduates in looking for work to shorten that jobless phase between graduating and working.

And knowing you came from Hobart is already a boost in your resume, that’s for sure!

welding graduate from ohio

Warren County Career Center

Located in Lebanon, Ohio, Warren County Career Center does its job well of providing future welders with the basic know-how of being, well, a welder.

Here, you’ll learn the different welding processes, like ARC welding, MIG welding, or TIG welding.

But before you could go straight over there, you’ll first need to be caught up on what safety measures you need to take if all you’re going to do is weld, weld, weld.

Then, keep up that in-classroom learning, and you’ll get to the point when your instructor teaches you how to read (and write) blueprints and the many welding symbols all over them, along with technical math!

Elite Welding Academy

At Cincinnati, Ohio, you have what anyone would call “elites” to train those who don’t know a lot (but would like to learn more) about welding here in the Elite Welding Academy!

So, you have the basic welding processes to kick off your structural AND pipe welding farther down the road.

And you could practice for them, no sweat, when the Elite Welding Academy has a slew of metals and fittings available in its fully equipped (and updated!) weld booths, wherein you can have these as you cut OR prepare areas!

But although you’ll get spoiled by these weld booths, they’re only the first step you need to take in handling real-life situations.

Don’t worry, though! Your instructors won’t rush you at a snap of a finger.

Once you could manage to be in a welding booth with both your eyes closed, you’re going up at top of the ladder to get to where you need to weld.

After that, you’ll be hovering at varying heights off the ground while you weld.

And lastly, you’re going to work outside using a gas drive.

To make things somehow easier, you could choose your timeframe between daytime or nighttime classes to accommodate your life in general AND be provided with financial aid (if you qualify for them) by Elite!

So these 26 weeks you’ll need to complete this program might look like a breeze at this point! 

Welding colleges in Ohio

The Career Center Adult Technical Training

Located on Marietta, The Career Center Adult Technical Training takes on the job of training aspiring welders in this part of Ohio!

Here, you’ll start with the basics, as always.

Welding safety measures should always come first before diving right into the basic welding processes, such as MIG welding, TIG welding, and stick welding.

Once you got those down and dealt with, you can start with the different welding positions for all sorts of worksites your employer might drop you on.

Then, you’ll get to the “joining metal pieces” part by learning the different joints there are in merging your metals.

Heck, you could even know how to cut this metal by using oxyacetylene!

Meanwhile, in-classroom learning is just as important as the hands-on stuff when you can practice how to read and understand welding symbols on blueprints that you could make some on your own someday!

Until you get to the point where your instructor’s going to introduce you to fabrication.

All of these will take you a year to complete before you could take up your certification exam.

And within this year, you can choose your schedule between daytime and nighttime so you could set aside some time for studying!

Final Words

Living in a bigger state usually means it’s easy to go looking for a job there, but it’s WAY easier if it’s in a populated state!

Because populated states tend to be busier, a busier lifestyle requires more manpower to keep things rolling!

And with how technology runs the show in 2021, you bet aspiring welders will have their work cut out for them in hunting for jobs out there.

Especially if you graduated from any of the welding schools in Ohio!

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