5 Best Welding Schools in New Jersey in 2022

Since New Jersey serves as a bridge for some of the busiest cities in America, this makes it one of the most modernized states for the advancements made to accommodate thousands of citizens.

And you’ll see that its transportation system is the most advanced feature they have there because, well, how ELSE will you get from one big city to another, right?

So you can see why welders are bound to be given special treatment because, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, their average wage per year is $53, 740 with an hourly rating of $25.84!

With this much responsibility in their hands, there are never enough welders to go about maintaining these transportation systems.

This is why you have all the options you need in choosing which welding school in New Jersey is perfect for you!

Best Welding Schools in New Jersey in 2022

Lincoln Tech

Two is always better than one, and Lincoln Tech puts that saying on a whole other level when it has branches in both Mahwah and South Plainfield in New Jersey.

Now, first on the list: welding fundamentals.

Here, you’ll learn the proper ways to weld two pieces of metal together, either by practicing the basic welding processes or by knowing various welding positions so you can use them for anything you might come by on a real-life worksite.

That, and you get to learn all about arc and plate welding processes, too!

Not only are you taught how to weld, but Lincoln Tech also gives light to the fundamentals of cutting metal because you can’t exactly hacksaw your way into everything.

And the metal you’re going to weld together must be precise for the picture inside your head to be picture-perfect with your craft!

This leaves the fabrication process as the last thing you’ll learn to finish the program and receive your certification after graduating!

Universal Technical Institute

Although it has many branches, Universal Technical Institute provides the same opportunity to aspiring welders everywhere.

This time, in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Developed with the assistance of Lincoln Electric, UTI’s welding program is effective when, after around 8 months, it’ll be done before you know it!

Of course, to start things off, you’ll be introduced to welding itself and how many career paths will open for you once you graduate.

Safety precautions come as a close second, for obvious reasons.

Then, moving onto the welding principles and its basic processes, such as MIG welding, stick welding, and TIG welding, can have you dive into pipe welding, too!

Once you have a pretty solid grip around these concepts in both understanding AND practicality, you can now apply everything you’ve learned through engineering and fabrication!

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Sussex County Technical School

Located in Sparta, New Jersey, you won’t need to go through blood and sweat to be a part of the Sussex County Technical School community!

Because, here, you’ll learn all there is to know about handling metals.

Knowing the basic welding processes is number one in your list of welding fundamentals! 

Stick welding, MIG welding, TIG welding—all of this stuff, Sussex will train you into!

Of course, being a welder-in-training will give you an entirely different perspective about metals.

Before, you’d probably think metal is just that: metal. A material far sturdier than wood.

Studying in a welding program, however, will open your eyes to appreciating metal and its intricacies!

Intricacies which you’ll learn to handle by identifying which metals are ferrous or non-ferrous from the carbon and stainless steels and aluminum Sussex provides you with.

By knowing how to handle them, it’ll be somewhat easier for you to put into practice cutting them up using a CNC machine, oxyfuel, plasma arc, or carbon arc.

Do you want to add some little details to your base metals? Don’t worry! You’ll learn how to grind them, or use hand tools like power saws!

Now, moving on from all of those nitty-gritty hands-on stuff, you’ll study how to read AND design your own blueprints with those welding symbols and everything to make them so authentic, that anyone might mistake you for an ironworker!

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Camden County College

At Blackwood, you have the Camden County College offering that part of New Jersey a welding program for those interested!

Here, you’ll start off learning how to read blueprint drawings in a classroom setting, and even draw one of your own.

Then, you’re expected to perform the basic welding processes once you get a handle on all of them alongside cutting metal using oxy-fuel gas.

But what makes this so challenging is you’ll be using ALL sorts of metal!

You have the usual steel (AND stainless steel everdure!), the tricky aluminum, and the pipe for more chances to adapt to whatever your employer has in store for you!

Once you graduate, you could be certified with a SENSE level 1 as an entry welder or, if you plan to top off what you’ve learned, you can qualify in getting the SENSE level 2 for advanced welding!

Burlington County Institute of Technology

At Medford, New Jersey, you have the Burlington County Institute of Technology!

You won’t learn anything new or fancy here, but it’s just enough for you to get yourself a certificate fitting an entry-level welder.

The welding program here has you getting trained in the basic welding processes, as per usual, and how to cut metal using oxyfuel gas.

Once you got those down, Burlington County will now teach you how to read blueprints, and even design them on your own!

Now that you can handle blueprints, preparing how to weld joints according to the welding symbol information written will be easy peasy!

And you’ll be able to repair equipment all by yourself!

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Final Words

In general, welders are needed to keep all the complicated tech stuff going.

And New Jersey has a lot – and I mean, a LOT – of that complicated tech stuff, with it connecting to other major cities and all.

So New Jersey needs all hands on deck if it expects its tech to remain in tip-top shape!

Fortunately, there are plenty of welding schools available across New Jersey for those interested with top-notch facilities for yours truly!

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