5 Best Welding Schools in New Arizona in 2022

As part of the top ten biggest states in America, you bet Arizona’s loaded with opportunities, just like Texas!

And one of these opportunities is by having a welding career!

I mean, why wouldn’t you when, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders from Arizona have an average wage of $46, 870 per year and an hourly rate of $22.54.

And it doesn’t stop there when it keeps growing little by little as the years go by!

To be a part of the welding industry, the first step to take as any is by studying in one of Arizona’s welding schools!

Best Welding Schools in New Arizona in 2022

Arizona Automotive Institute

At Glendale, Arizona, you can be certified as a professional welder by Arizona Automotive Institute!

Here, you can learn how to weld using the basic processes (such as stick welding, MIG welding (both gas and gasless), and TIG welding) on your metal pieces.

Specifically, metal plates and pipes made out of either aluminum or carbon (and low) alloy steel!  

And you could learn how to cut these metals, too, by using plasma arc!

While the complete opposite of that is you repairing and cleaning up your welds, and even fabricating parts all on your own!

To balance out all of that hands-on work, you get to study how to read blueprints in class. Maybe be able to draw them once you get a good grasp of them!

Maricopa Skill Center

Smack-dab on Arizona’s capital, Phoenix, is the Maricopa Skill Center.

Because it’s, well, a “center”, then you have the Maricopa connected with two other colleges; namely, GateWay and Mesa.

But what we’re going to focus on here is Maricopa.

So, Maricopa Skill Center has two schedules to fit your kind of lifestyle: daytime and nighttime.

Lucky for you, Maricopa’s combination welding program accommodates both times!

You’ll start with the fundamentals, of course, with the basic welding processes, like MIG welding, stick welding, and TIG welding.

Here, you’ll learn how to use TIG welding on ferrous (i.e. carbon and stainless steel) and non-ferrous materials (i.e. aluminum).

As for stick welding, you get to handle metal pipes and plates day or night.

But what makes this so unique is you can get a certificate for every single course here, instead of having your achievements all gathered in a single “professional welder” certificate!

So, you can have a certificate for either MIG welding, or stick welding, or TIG welding alone.

This way, your employer can be much more confident in you having one specific task to specialize in!

However, it might get tedious if you have more than one interest in other tracks and would want to take them up, too, but that’s all up to you, of course!

Welding Schools in New Arizona

Universal Technical Institute

So you can probably say Universal Technical Institute doesn’t miss when it has all of these branches across America to reach those who aspire to be welders.

In this case, here in Avondale, Arizona!

Although it has these different branches, UTI ’s welding program remains the same when it’s bee crafter with the help of Lincoln Electric.

First off, you’ll be introduced to welding and its principles to give you an overview of what you’re going to encounter in this program and welding, in general.

Then before you could dive right into working your hands with metal, you’ll be made aware of all the safety procedures you need to do first before welding because it’s intricate stuff, after all.

Well, intricate AND dangerous.

After you got those drilled inside your head, you can now practice the basic welding processes you’re going to use alongside welding positions for the perfect joining between two metals and the angle you’re going to use to get to it!

Which sounds easy if you only read about it, but in practice? Some welding position-process pair-up can be a challenging combo to do.

What more apply that on metal sheets? Or plates? Or worst, PIPES?

Lucky for you, all those stuff will be included in the eight months you’re going to study in this program!

Eastern Arizona College

In Thatcher, Arizona, learning how to weld is made possible by the Eastern Arizona College!

Here, you get to practice the basics in welding, and the most crucial part in learning these basics is the common welding processes because these are what you’re going to use on your base metals.

So you now have MIG welding (both gas and gasless), stick welding, and TIG welding in your arsenal!

Once you perfected these processes and you’re able to apply them to whatever exam EAC has in store at the end of the program, you can now graduate and receive your certificate which proves your membership of the American Welding Society!

And if you want to take it up a notch, EAC offers a program that can get you to be an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Welding Technology!

choose welding colleges in New Arizona

Pima College

Located in Tucson, Arizona, Pima College has all you’ll need to know to be a professional welder.

With a few nifty additions mixed in, of course!

So, you have the basic welding processes, such as MIG welding, TIG welding, stick welding, and oxyacetylene welding.

Of course, blueprint reading or estimating should already be the top five of your to-do list for completing this program.

You’ll even branch out from plate welding to dive right into pipe welding!

Knowing the layout and fabrication welding will also be touched on here, along with introducing you to the CNC machine for plasma arc welding.

And be ready for handling some robo knick knacks because you’re going to learn the basics of welding robots!

Heck, even learning how to weld metal SCULPTURES is a thing here!

Once you got all of those down, Pima will have you weld independent projects that apply everything you’ve learned in this program!

Final Words

You can see the Land of Opportunity playing out here in Arizona from how much welders are spoiled with their average salary being higher than an average welder’s already!

But not only salary because, as you can see here, Arizona also has plenty of welding schools for you to choose from!

And it’s all up to you to decide on which one you’re willing to put your money on!

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