5 Best Welding Schools in Houston with Great Placements

For a place brimming with culture (and a hefty variety of tastes in food!), it’s not exactly surprising to see how rare industrial-based schools are built in Houston.

Still, the Houston life bustling in the streets can’t keep attracting tourists without welders maintaining the literal structures that make up the parks or museums there.

That’s why here is the list of the best welding schools in Houston, Texas!

Best Welding Schools in Houston in 2022

Tulsa Welding School

As one of the bigger welding schools in the US, you bet Tulsa has a ton of branches for a wider reach!

Here, however, you’ll only be learning about the Tulsa Welding School from Houston.

Despite not being the main branch, there are three programs you can choose from.

Namely, professional welding, welding specialist with pipefitting, and even a program for refrigeration technologies if you want to get into that, too!

But let’s delve deeper into Tulsa’s welding programs, shall we?

First up on the list is professional welding.

You can choose classes between the morning (7:30 am to 12:30 pm), the afternoon (1:00 to 6:00 pm), or the evening (6:30 to 11:30 pm) on Mondays to Fridays, with Tuesday and/or Thursday being your classroom learning while laboratory days are on Saturday and/or Sunday.

So busy, busy, busy!

But after seven months, these hectic times will be far behind you!

In this timeframe, though, you get to study this program’s courses. The fundamentals in welding are a great starting point, then you’ll learn about both gas and gasless MIG processes, along with structural, basic, and advanced pipe weldings.

Lastly, the welding capstone course will cap off everything you’ve learned and know how to apply them in proper work environments!

Of course, once you graduate as a professional welder, you can push your skills to the next level by taking the welding specialist program with pipefitting!

This program has the same duration as the professional welding program for seven whole months with pretty much the same schedules and the same courses.

Except Tulsa’s going to add introductory pipefitting skills and advanced pipefitting to your welding skills, too!

And to make learning easier on you, Tulsa provides its students with scholarships, even an extensive gear package so you don’t have to purchase your own, anymore!

Tulsa’s assistance doesn’t end there, though, when it goes so far as to help you in job-hunting after your graduation!

Best Welding Schools in Houston

Universal Technical Institute

Developed with Lincoln Electric, the Universal Technical Institute crafted its welding program that can take its students around 8 months to finish compared to Tulsa’s seven.

Here, you’ll be introduced to welding and its safety measures along with what career paths you could take.

Once you got that over and done with, the principles of welding follow behind. Combination welding is what you’re going to learn in UTI, which means you get to learn the basic welding processes automatically.

Not only that, but you’ll even delve into engineering and fabrication, and pipe welding!

Welding applications come last because this is where you’ll know how to do the basic welding positions (i.e. flat, overhead, horizontal, and vertical) for both plates and sheet metals.

Even touch on how to handle pipes using the fixed, rolling, and overhead positions!

Houston welding schools

Lone Star College System

If you’re looking for a modest welding school that can get you what you want out of it, then the Lone Star College System is ideal for you!

Its small class size is as small as the tuition when Lone Star advertises how affordable its programs are.

Here, you can receive your welding certificate, or even a metal inert gas welding certificate and stick welding certificate.

But what you need to know is all of these certificates are only at level 1.

Once you have one, this makes you qualified to take up the associate’s degree in welding specialization wherein you’re going to be exposed to the basic metallurgy and inspection procedures other than the usual hands-on applications!

San Jacinto Community College

If you thought three programs were a lot already, then be ready for San Jacinto Community College’s certificate programs because this guy offers FIVE to its students!

Instead of learning all of the basic welding processes in one program, you can pour all of your attention into only one program!

And you’ll get your certificate once you graduate from these programs, such as an occupational certificate in welding stick pipe and a gas-shielded welding certificate of technology.

What if you want these welding processes in a single program like the other schools? Don’t even sweat it because you can do that here, too!

Having an industrial welder certificate of technology and/or combination welder certificate of technology once you graduate is entirely possible in San Jacinto.

But how about trying something different? Something which purely satisfies that creativity itching to be let out?

San Jacinto got your back! Just take the program that can have you receive an occupation certificate in art welding, and you’re all good to go!

These different areas offer an opportunity for you to specialize in, so you better capitalize on that for the better!

And if you want to take one step further from your undergraduate program, you can take on another program that will get you an associate’s degree in welding!

welding colleges in Houston

Elite Welding Academy

After six months, you can be one of the elite welders from the Elite Welding Academy!

Knowledge of both structural and pipe welding are what you’re going to get.

And it’s made easy when the Elite has fully equipped and updated weld booths with a variety of metals and fittings provided for practicing how to cut or prepare them for the real thing.

Once you get a hand of these weld booths, your instructors will prepare you for more situations that you’ll encounter in real life, such as you welding on top of a ladder, or you hanging a good few inches off the ground, or even when you’re outside using a gas drive!

But although it’s for “elites”, the Elite Welding Academy has financial aid for students who struggle financially yet still want to study in this school!

Final Words

Learning how to weld from professionals will be a huge boost in your journey as a professional welder yourself.

Because not only will you learn the basics of how to start your welding journey, but it can also give you the certification necessary for employers to consider you equipped for the job!

And depending on the school you graduated from, the job offers will start coming in!

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