Welder vs Electrician: Important Facts & Key Aspects

In constructing any building or some high-tech equipment in a factory or wherever there are two people that you’d consider a constant in that building phase.

And those are the welders and the electricians.

Well, if you know any better or you ARE a fellow welder and/or electrician, you could straight-up point them out like they’re just PB and J.

But there are many, MUCH more that have no idea how to tell which is which, and you can’t exactly blame them for it!

Same critical eye, same functions—all the average Joe can be sure of is they’ll be working on whatever you paid them to work on!

However, in this article, you’ll realize just how different these two people are, so an average Joe like you can identify them, too!

What Does a Welder Do?

There’s only one kind of welder in the workshop, and no, that doesn’t include the welding machine.

As someone who has a welding occupation, manipulating metal falls in your hands!

If you’re only a novice, you can already do the basics of welding and know your way around a welding tool, so that’s a good start to being a professional!

But to be a professional welder, you’ll need to take up a course first in welding school.

Here, you’ll learn which metal’s the hardest and which one’s the softest, and what specific welding technique should you use for the kind of metal you have on you—these kinds of knowledge will be important to improving the quality of your craft!

In return, it takes you one step away from being an expert!

Depending on the welding program you applied for, you now have a certificate that proves you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

Now, because you’ll be literally taking the heat in your workplace, you’ll be wearing heavy-duty stuff compared to an electrician’s.

The sparks and flames are what you should be watching out for, so you have thick gloves and an apron especially made for welding that should cover your hands and most of your body, and a welding helmet that can prevent you from being blinded AND from possible sunburn.

So other than taking care of metal, you’ll need to take care of yourself, too, because there’s no one else more equipped to do this than you!

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What Does an Electrician Do?

Well, if it’s still not that obvious yet, electricians pretty much handle the electric stuff.

But before they can do that, they’ll be needing to gather some good, old experience from their instructor.

You’ll probably wonder what made that so different from being a welder, except as a learning electrician, you’re going to need to take up an apprenticeship first and foremost!

While welders can make do with just training for their certificate, an electrician prioritizes an electrical apprenticeship before they could be a journeyman electrician.

After a handful of years under your master electrician’s tutelage, you’re now on your way to being one, too!

Now, being an electrician has two categories: the inside wiremen and the outside linemen.

Inside wiremen, as the name implies, are who you’ll hire to come INSIDE your home or building to tinker with the wiring there. 

So if you want to have a brand new security system installed and manage any electrical systems that need replacing or troubleshooting, the inside wiremen got your back!

On the other hand, outside linemen fulfill their tasks on, you guessed it, outside the four corners of a building!

They’re just the people you’d call to repair something from a power line, have the traffic lights put up in the middle of an intersection—anything you need fixing outside, these guys are already on it.

But because this is an outdoor job, you bet this will be taxing on anyone working for it. Climbing ladders to get to the power line is dangerous stuff, you know!

So, if you want to be an electrician – specifically, an outdoor lineman – your body has to be in tip-top shape to get to where you needed to be

All the while your brain works to analyze every single detail to figure out what’s been causing the problem with your technical know-how by understanding the numbers and specificities in the blueprints.

Welder vs Electrician

All Hands On Deck

Before anything else, the most obvious quality these two occupations have is how they’re both hands-on jobs.

You’ll need to use your hands to keep your welding gun and its rod to make a steady line.

And you’ll need your hands to check through those electric wires to get the full picture of what you’re dealing with.

Not only that, but you’ll find these jobs to be on the clock, 40-hour per week with a good chance of being called in for overtime because of how many jobs are shoved on your hands.

But more responsibilities, more reasons to lengthen your record some more!

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Papers, Please!

Before you can do anything to perfect your record, you’ll need to have the necessary papers that tell why exactly people should hire you and be confident in your skills.

You can do that by showing them your certificate/s!

Both professional electricians and welders will have a certificate by the time they graduate from their respective schools, and this will surely give your status the credibility you need to attract potential clients.

And it helps that some schools would help you out in looking for job opportunities once you graduate, too!

Backbones of Society

Now, what’s the most important thing you’ll need to know about being an electrician and a welder in these two jobs?

These keep society functioning!

Difference between welder and electrician

You have the electricians managing the technical side behind your internet, your home security, the lighting systems, the heating—anything that uses electricity, they got it in the bag!

Then we have welders building and maintaining all kinds of ships and robots, crafting military weapons, automotive maintenance, and repair—anything with metal, you bet they know what to do!

So, yes, it’s easy to say that these two are some of the most essential jobs in the world.

Final Words

Although both welders and electricians work so closely together that you can’t tell the difference, they still have different tasks they need to accomplish that the others can’t.

Like how an electrician won’t know the first thing to do to gas weld.

Or how a welder won’t know how to lay out the wiring for an entire building.

Both have tasks that contrast from one great, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

And that should be enough reason to acknowledge what they do, and give them the respect they deserve!

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