How Much Does Underwater Welding Make: The Fair Pricing

Being underwater can be a refreshing experience for a lot of people out there.

Maybe it has something to do with how quiet everything gets once you’re down in the deep blue.

Still, life underwater is a different kind of rodeo altogether. One which only some would want any part in.

That’s why scuba divers are on a whole other level with their brand of thrill-seeking ventures.

But what if you have divers AND welders merged into one, single package?

Here, you’ll learn that underwater welding is a thing and how much you’ll be making from it!

What is Underwater Welding?

Being EXACTLY as it’s called, underwater welding is when divers start welding metal deep, deep, DEEP in the water.

Or it’s the other way around, and the welders dive into the drink to do their job there.

But why do they need to weld underwater?

Well, first and foremost, there’s pipeline after pipeline down there either buried under the seafloor or just hanging around in the middle of the ocean.

And more than 50% of these pipelines are what connect one area to another so they could easily transport fuel or oil, which is one of our energy sources.

So that’s pretty important.

Other than that, underwater welding takes over anything ship or vessel-related, such as dockyards, and even repairing whatever area is submerged on said ship.

Those are only a couple of what underwater welding does for society, and they’re already some of the most crucial aspects of how to keep everything running smoothly!

How Much Does Underwater Welding Make?

If you’re simply a diver alone, I bet you won’t be able to make as much as you can when you add welding into the mix.

Welding by itself is already a demanding job that demands the same compensation, so if you’re going down the water to do that, then you’re going to expect at LEAST double the average welding rate!

For fresh underwater welders in the underwater welding scene, you’ll only get around a rough estimate between $25, 000 and $30, 000 annually.

It might seem smaller than you’d expect, but you can’t simply pluck money off a tree!

If you’ve been welding inland before, you would’ve known how important experience is in the welding industry.

So for now, you’ll be setting down your foundations first. Have a feel for the real-life thing.

And instead of being left to your devices, you’ll be working under seniors or have orders straight from your employer. 

Build your welding career up a year or three, and you’ll be worth $80, 000 and more in the eyes of potential clients in the market!

What Makes Up Pricing

So, now that you have a sort-of peek at your current and future payment, you’ll need to learn what exactly makes up your price, which are the types of underwater welding, your experience, and what kind of environment you’ll be working in.

Now, first thing first, what type of underwater welder are you? Because there are two types out there: inland and offshore welders!

As the name implies, inland welders will have you working on solid ground, but still out on the sea.

Usually, being an inland welder is the first step you’ll need to take to start your underwater career and to have you get used to the water right beneath your feet.

Here, it’ll be your job to do maintenance inside the dockyard you’re working on, check on walls that grow damp due to too much moisture in the environment, taking down ancient constructions on shallow waters—those are just some of what’ll be on your hands.

Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it?

Well, being boring means there’s less danger involved in weaving your way through your job.

So if you’ve got a weak heart that’s not too thrilled about putting your life on the line for a good buck just yet, then you can toughen up as an inland underwater welder!

Excited about how much a rig welder can make?

Just be aware that what you’ll be making here annually as a novice can get you $25, 000 up to $30, 000; 40 grand if your employer’s generous to their employees.

But if you finally earned being considered an experienced welder, then you’ll be looking at $50, 000 to $80, 000 a year!

Offshore underwater welders (or commercial divers), on the other hand, are a different breed altogether.

They’re the ones who brave the deepest bodies of water to get to where they need to check on oil pipelines, or even do maintenance on underwater marine facilities.

And you can imagine how each time they dive in is a life-or-death situation because a welder is diving underwater? Using ELECTRICITY to weld on metal?

That’s not even counting in the temperature drops, the visibility changes that can mess up your sight, the horrific water pressure just a sliver away from crushing you—

salary of an Underwater Welding

Yeah, none of those sound too fun for your health.

But for braving the deep blue, beginners have a starting point between $40, 000 and $60, 000 annually!

Gather more years under your belt, and you’ll be STAGGERING under the weight of $50, 000 hiking up to $100, 000 while possibly climbing up to $300, 000 a YEAR!

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Final Words

Underwater welding merges two occupations into one that shouldn’t work as well as it did, but once again human ingenuity has proven itself!

But no amount of ingenuity can have you plow through the ranks to go straight up to the big bucks because, well, that’s not how it works!

You build yourself a foundation first to have a steady standing from where you are, and THEN you build up.

And may you have all the luck you need to set out on your underwater welding journey!

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