How to Become a Welder in Florida: Step-By-Step Guide

A huge state like Florida means there are hundreds of opportunities for jobs that you can choose from.

And because the pandemic kicked everyone’s butts, you bet the economy hasn’t seen better days lately.

That’s why one of the problems Florida’s been facing is shortages. Particularly, skilled trades shortages.

Hands-on jobs in the skilled trade are sure to take the full brunt of the pandemic with how lockdowns are happening left and right.

Of course, all of those safety measures are for our benefit in the first place. We know that.

But the world won’t stop turning when everyone stopped working.

However, now that people are starting to get vaccinated, this helps every one to get back on track (while wearing masks, of course)!

So today’s the best time to become a welder!

Why Become a Welder in Florida?

With how much progress technology’s been making to further modernity, it’s a no-brainer why skilled trade workers are so in-demand.

And welders are no exception!

So if you have any interest in getting your hands dirty WITHOUT spending most of your life studying for it, then welding’s the ideal choice for you!

And the money you’ll get from it once you’re a professional can probably help you in your decision-making, too.

How to Become a Welder in Florida

Fresh Out of High School!

Now, before you could get ahead of yourself, you’ll need to start your journey off as a welder by being a high school graduate first and foremost.

Since, you know, welding is a profession just like any other job in the market.

Not only that but being a fresh high school grad getting into a welding school right after will have the knowledge you retained from those science and math classes put to the test because all you’ll focus more on are metals and the specific formulas to measure said metals.

But there are some high schools out there that offer technical courses (like welding) so, hey, you can take this up and have a good head-start if you’re sure about being a welder!

On another note, if you’re still figuring things out at that time, many high schools would provide you with a sort-of personality test to help guide you to your potential future career/s! 

For welding, you need to find enjoyment in getting your hands dirty for a LONG time, or else this job might suck for you. Having excellent eyesight that’s critical for all the details along with hand-eye coordination is also a plus, so you better think fast!

weding schools in florida

Training Montage!

So you got into the welding school of your dreams, right?

From then on, next up on your list is to study your butt off!

But unlike high school, you won’t be stuck to your desk for most of the program.

Because a good welding school gives you more time to be hands-on at the workshop, while the rest of the time is classwork.

And honestly? That’s an excellent quality to have so you can truly say you’re getting what you paid for!

Learning to work hands-on will be fantastic for tactile learners since you’ll need to practice the different types of welds, joint welds, soldering, and a whole other butt-load of welding stuff.

Now, if you compare all of that stuff to classwork, you might be considering how pointless that might be for you, which is entirely untrue!

Classwork typically focuses on studying the metal properties.

Although it sounds so simple, knowing intricate information like that will influence how your welding will turn out later on!

Learn Under the Expert!

Of course, not everyone can afford the hundreds and thousands of grand you’ll need to have on hand to be able to study in welding school, especially when you don’t qualify for financial aid or any scholarships.

And that’s not even including your welding equipment yet if you didn’t have any before.

That’s why you got another option to take, but you better be extra, super-duper POSITIVE you’re dead set on being a welder.

Because taking up an apprenticeship can be just the solution to your money problem!

“But how different will apprenticeships be from welding schools?”

Well, first off, there’s this visible line between “theoretical” and “application” when studying in welding schools.

As mentioned earlier, while most of your time will be spent familiarizing your hand with metals, you’ll still spend a certain amount of it on the four corners of your classroom, learning about properties and formulas.

In apprenticeships, you’ll be instantly thrown into, let’s say, the “real-life” situations that you’re supposed to see later on down the road when you’re studying in a welding school.

how to Become a Welder in Florida

Welding on windy days, under the sunniest ones, maybe you’re getting that tricky spot under some equipment—any scenario a professional welder will come across, you’ll have first-hand experience of!

Sure, being in a controlled environment can help round out the edges of your growing skills by setting a slow-and-steady pace, but being an apprentice doesn’t have that kind of luxury.

And, yes, it’s not for everyone because if you fall from a mistake you made, you fall HARD.

So, even though not paying much to learn how to be a welder, you still have to be aware of what you’ll be going through in taking up an apprenticeship.

There’s no spoon-feeding here. You either take what you can get and go along with it, or leave.

On the bright side, you’ll be getting a feel for what it takes to be a professional welder someday.

Not only that but being an apprentice for a company has a high chance of hiring you on the spot WHILE you’re still learning!

Grab That Certificate!

welding certificate in florida

Learning in welding schools won’t get past two years if you’re so concerned about time.

So once you pass the necessary exams, you are now a fresh grad!

And you’re even qualified to get yourself a certificate because being able to graduate already means you have what it takes to be a pro!

Now, all that’s left for you to do is have your certificate made for $35 from an accredited testing facility.

From here on out, you can become a member of the American Welding Society to let your employers know you mean business!

Final Words

Although being a welder might seem easy because of how little time you’ll need to take it, doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and sunshine the entire time.

Studying for anything – even your passion – is bound to be stressful, even more so when it’s something as hands-on as welding.

So before you decide that being a welder is your lifelong dream, make sure you open your eyes to the reality of everything you need to do first before getting there.

And hopefully, this article can teach you how to become a welder if you’re in Florida. To know about the best welding schools in the USA you can go through this article.

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